Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello, October

Good morning and happy October!

We're back today with some more Halloween and fall favorites, and all of these you can find discounted and ready to ship today!

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  Harvest blessings place mat - 29% off! 805-01-Harvest-Blessings-Placemat_LRG

  Harvest blessings napkin - 10% off! 805-02-Harvest-Blessings-Napkin_LRG

  Woodland place mat - 29% off! 811-01-Woodland-Placemat_LRG

  Woodland napkin - 29% off! 811-02-Woodland-Napkin_LRG

  Maple leaf pot holder/cookie cutter set -  29% off! 801-64-Maple-Leaf-Potholder-Cookie-Cutter-Set_LRG

  Life's a Hoot mantle scarf -  10% off! 811-50-Lifes-a-Hoot-Mantle-Scarf_LRG

  Large Thomas Scarecrow - 10% off! F14276-Large-Thomas-Scarecrow_LRG

  Witch cat head - 10% off! F14288-Witch-Cat-Head_LRG

  Witch mannequin - 10% off! F761-Witch-Mannequin_LRG

  Hooty Owl - 10% off! 3685-Hooty-Owl_LRG

 Also check out our Fall/Thanksgiving and Halloween Pinterest boards for some of the fun DIY projects and country Halloween decor trends circulating the internet!

 And for everything else, take 10% off your order using this coupon code until 10/5/15!


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