Saturday, April 17, 2010

Country Braided Rugs

We've added a new line of braided rugs that are just perfect for country decorators. The rugs are designed and manufactured by IHF and come in a nice selection of colors and sizes. A few of my favorite colors are listed below, but you can view the entire collection in the braided rugs category on the Primitive Home Decors site.

Checkerberry Braided Rugs and Tabletop Collection

Most patterns include the following sizes:
12"x20" Rug Swatch
4-1/2" Diameter Braided Coaster
8" Diameter Braided Trivet
13"x19" Braided Placemat
15" Diameter Braided Chair Cover
13"x48" Braided Table Runner
8"x28" Oval Stair Tread
8"x28" Rectangular Stair Tread
20"x30" Oval Braided Rug
20"x30" Rectangle Braided Rug
22"x72" Oval Braided Rug
22"x72" Rectangle Braided Rug
27"x48" Oval Braided Rug
27"x48" Rectangle Braided Rug
3'x5' Oval Braided Rug
3'x5' Rectangle Braided Rug
4'x6' Oval Braided Rug
4'x6' Rectangle Braided Rug
5'x8' Oval Braided Rug
5'x8' Rectangle Braided Rug
6'x9' Oval Braided Rug
6'x9' Rectangle Braided Rug
8'x10' Oval Braided Rug
8'x10' Rectangle Braided Rug

If you like the rugs and want to see more, post your comments and let me know! We can add some of the other patterns if there is any interest.



Friday, March 12, 2010

Primitive Country Easter Bunnies

The Easter Bunnies have finally arrived! A couple weeks late as usual, for they are as cute as ever! Not enough time today to list them all, but here's a preview of the most popular stuffed bunny dolls so far this year:

Click here to view the entire collection of Honey and Me Easter Bunny Dolls and Primitive Easter Decor.