Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Impromptu Farmhouse Star bedding sale!

Show of hands, who out there was treated to a late season snowstorm this week? We had a couple glorious days of spring and now it's January 2.0!

Top Hat Pitcher
Feels like we should break out the snowman pitcher
and serve up some hot cider!

But we're making the best of things, warmer weather is right around the corner (really!) and we just found out today that our friends at Victorian Heart are allowing us to offer you 10% off the Farmhouse Star collection for the rest of the month! You'll see the discount already included on the Farmhouse Star product pages we linked to above.

We haven't dedicated a blog post to this collection, but we probably mentioned  what a big impression it made on our Facebook page. Click over to see some photos of this collection (and tell us what you think!).

 Farmhouse Star bedding collection Farmhouse Star Bedding

It's a classic patchwork star pattern with a fun mix of stripes and plaids in classic navy and neutral shades. Hey, there's nothing like cozying up under a warm quilted throw blanket during the first week of spring! :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Old and new

We took a look back at our stats this week to see what our most popular posts have been. Often, this is a tactic bloggers use when we can't think of anything else to write about! But it's also a fun way to see just how many new items we've added over the years.

Following are our five most popular blog posts of all time, plus some new items we've added that we think you'll love just as much!

5. This just in! Park Designs ceramic dinnerware and bakeware This post is from last May, when we added the Park Designs ceramics to our website.

Molasses and Old Crow are still a crowd-pleaser...


And Cambridge Navy is a brand new pattern that coordinates well with these pieces.

Cambridge Navy table linens

4. A customer favorite: Vintage Star in black This pattern continues to be one of our most popular. Vintage, black, stars, what's not to love?


3. Country quilted bedding collections from IHF

IHF has continually offered some of our most beloved bedding collections, from Checkerberry and Pinwheel, to the new Westbrook pattern, which is another lovely take on quilted patchwork and country stars.

  westbrook bedding

2. Complete the look with kitchen decor + kitchen pottery

This post was published in August of 2011, and we've since added many more star-themed kitchen accessories: Star Vine includes ceramic dinnerware and servingware and a complete line of window treatments.

Star Vine dinnerware

And our number one most popular post of all time: Bathroom decor patterns: shower curtains, rugs, towels and more.

Bathroom decor enthusiasts: we hear you!

This post was also published in 2011 and since then, our bathroom decor collection has exploded! We have added literally HUNDREDS of bathroom decor items including country bath accessories,  shower curtains, shower curtain hooks and bathroom towel bars.

Towel Bar

What is your favorite room to decorate? Do you rearrange frequently or does everything stay put? 

Be on the lookout this week for an email about the new Cambridge patterns, and if you're not on our email list you can sign up here!