Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Favorite farmhouse decor

You might have noticed we've added a lot of farmhouse decor over the last few months-- the farmhouse style combines chic, light neutral tones sharply contrasted with pallet boards, distressed wood and metal, mason jars, enamelware, roosters, chicken wire, rusty buckets and exposed bulbs.

 We thought we'd finally share some new items and customer favorites in this quickly-expanding category.

 For more farmhouse love, check out our Farmhouse Decor Pinterest board and you can browse our website for more great farmhouse decor pieces!

  In the kitchen

  Farm Fresh bucket set ctw-530004-farm-fresh-bucket-set-lrg


Carters Woolen Mill towel

  Chicken wire napkin ring

  Distressed wood caddy

  Pig Paper Towel Holder

  Chicken wire caddy with shakers

  Home Decor

  Cast iron rack with glass jars

  Metal bucket set

  Galvanized mini tool box


  Rusty mesh lampshade pendant lights

  Trouble Lights

  Sheave bracket

  Large rusty bucket lamp
  Edison bulbs

  Wall Decor
  Aqua tin letter box

  Wire holder with glass bottles

  Windmill hanger

  Chicken Coop slat sign

  Farm to table metal sign

  Farmhouse kitchen