Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Product spotlight: stocking hangers!

We've only been offering these items on our website for a couple of years, but they've been a HUGE hit with our customers.

 Currently, we have 11 to chose from, in red, white and iron...

  White snowflake

  White iron snowflake stocking hanger

Iron snowflake

  snowflake stocking hanger

  Iron star

  Star stocking hanger

  Red star

  Red star stocking hanger

  Moose and tree

Moose and tree stocking hanger

  Christmas tree

Iron tree stocking hanger

Fir Tree Iron Stocking Hanger

Iron snowman stocking hanger

Holly Jolly Stocking Hanger

And we have basic stocking hangers in iron and red.

Iron stocking hanger

Something our customers ask us a lot is how much weight the stocking hangers will support! The plain hangers will hold a lot more weight because of the way they're made. The decorative stocking hangers will probably not hold a stocking filled with goodies, but since they look more festive, our customers like to use them throughout the holiday season, and then sub in a few of the plain hangers on Christmas Day.

Coming up: we have a fun blog post planned for Thanksgiving! If you'd like to tell us what you're thankful for, or your favorite holiday tradition, just leave a comment below and we'll include it in Thursday's post! Have a great day!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Two big sales with free shipping this weekend!

Just here to quickly wish everyone a happy weekend, and remind you that we have two great sales going on through Sunday, AND let you know if you order any of these sale items this weekend, the shipping is on us, no minimums!* 

All floor coverings: 10% off + FREE SHIPPING THIS WEEKEND

Black Country Star Braided Jute Rug
Black Country Star Braided Jute Rug

  Guest room makeover (bed, bath and lighting): 10% off + FREE SHIPPING THIS WEEKEND

Home Place Bathroom Decor
Home Place Bathroom Decor

  Have a great weekend! 

 *Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Coupons cannot be combined with any other coupon, offer, sale or discount. Coupons are not applicable to prior orders. One coupon redeemable per customer. Not redeemable for cash. Offer subject to change without notice. All orders, with no minimum, using coupon codes above are eligible for free Ground Shipping, as long as the shipping address is located within the continental United States. This applies to ground shipping only, with the entire order going to one address. Expedited shipping charges can be obtained during checkout if desired. Normal rates will apply.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A guest room makeover in 6 easy steps!

There are few things more satisfying for a home decor enthusiast than doing a makeover. The good news is that you can do this without breaking the bank and finish in time for your holiday visitors. Here are six steps for a quick and easy guest-room makeover.

1. Choose a theme. We're probably all guilty of bringing home a fun impulse buy that doesn't really go with anything, so we stash it in the guest room and pretty soon we have a disorderly mix of country, modern, vintage and...what's that? We find that first choosing a bedding set, and then decorating around that theme is easier than doing it the other way around. 

Vintage Star Black bedding set, throw blanket and curtain panels
Vintage Star Black bedding set, throw blanket and curtain panels

2. De-clutter! Often subtracting, rather than adding, can breathe new life into an old room. Save the items you cherish and donate the rest to charity.

3. Accessorize with care. You've gone to the trouble of de-cluttering, so the last thing you want to do is add more stuff! A simple accent lamp or throw blanket might be all you need.

Blackstone Lantern
Blackstone Lantern

4. Repurpose and rearrange. You don't have to buy all new furniture to make a room look new. Sometimes just moving things around will give the room a whole new personality.

5. Deck the windows! Coordinating window treatments can help emphasize your central theme. Most of our bedding and decor sets come with a variety of country curtains to complete the look.

6. Take a step back. You may want to shut the door to that guest room for a few days and then return with a fresh perspective. Would that lamp look better on the dresser than the nightstand? Would a braided rug tie the whole thing together?

Black Country Star Braided Jute Rug
Black Country Star Braided Jute Rug

Bonus step: Don't forget the guest bathroom! The same rules apply here. Do you want to carry over your theme into the bathroom decor, or choose completely different colors and patterns?

Home Place Bathroom Decor

Home Place Bathroom Decor

What tips would you add to this list? Do you have guests coming to visit for the holidays? 

  Right now you can save 10% on all bedding, lighting and bathroom decor items! Visit our website for a coupon code good through November 24! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another top 10 list for you: floor coverings!

Fact: people love a good top 10 list. Last week, we showed you our top 10 most popular holiday items, and it was a big hit! Since we have a sale on floor coverings going on right now, we thought we'd share the top 10 rugs our customers love most.

 Here we go!

 #10: Welcome Home Black Bear Door Mat

 Random? Not really! While we may be more well-known for our braided rugs, we also offer a variety of coir doormats, including this customer favorite. (Sidenote: if you like the doormat, you might want to check out some of our other bear-themed accessories!)

  Welcome Home Bear Doormat

 #9: Folk Art Braided Rugs

 This rug is full of color! It's part of the complete line of Folk Art kitchen accessories and window treatments, and it's no wonder it is a customer favorite.

  Folk Art Braided Rugs

 #8: Stallion Braided Rugs

  The rich, neutral colors in the stallion collection of braided rugs coordinate well with the Kingston Jacquard window treatments, and also our Salem collection of window treatments and kitchen accessories.

Stallion Braided Rugs

 #7: Wine Star Braided Rugs

 There are dozens of fun items in the Wine Star collection, from bedding, pillows and window treatments, to chair covers, dish towels and table runners. These braided rugs are just the icing on the (upside-down) cake!

  Wine Star Braided Rugs

 #6: Cappuccino Braided Rugs

 The only thing better than our Cappuccino braided rugs is how good they look with our Cider Mill kitchen linens and window treatments!

  Cappuccino Braided Rugs

 #5: Cinnamon Braided Jute Rugs

 Cinnamon is guaranteed to make any room warmer, and they coordinate nicely with our Saffron, Heritage House Barn Red,  Cambridge Wine and Grandma's Quilt window treatments.

  Cinnamon Braided Jute Rugs

  #4: Black Star Braided Rugs

 Sharp contrasts, yet cozy! Complete the look by adding some iron star accents and Vintage Star window treatments.

Black Star Braided Rugs

 #3: Ebony Braided Rugs

 The ebony braided rugs actually coordinate really well the Folk Art line too! And if you're looking for some kitchen accents, the Molasses line of ceramics pair well with the rich black and tan.

  Ebony Braided Rugs

 #2: Blackberry Braided Rug

 The black, wine and mustard tones in the Blackberry braided rugs go with so many of the accents you already have, and coordinates well with our Federal Star Americana curtains and accents too!

  Blackberry Braided Rugs

 #1: Wine County Star!

 This is a customer favorite because it goes well with so many other patterns and accessories: Vintage Star, Cambridge, Sturbridge and York to name a few!

  Wine Country Star Rug

 And remember, you can always order a swatch or smaller piece (like a placemat or stair tread) in most braided rug patterns before purchasing a large rug. Because the larger rugs are shipped directly from the manufacturer, they are subject to a restocking charge if returned. But, you can return the smaller piece if you like, and use the credit toward your rug.

  Our rug sale ends November 24!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Holiday Preview!

At the beginning of fall, we gave you a preview of some of our favorite old and new Thanksgiving and Halloween items, and now it's already for the winter holiday preview! We'll start with the new items first.

We have... Santa Mouse and Mrs. Santa Mouse

  Santa MouseMrs. Santa Mouse

  Oval Santa mat

Oval Santa Mat

  Santa pillow

  Santa Pillow

  Santa with stocking

Santa with stocking

  Snowman tree skirt

Small Tree Skirt

Snowman top hat

  Top Hat  

And here are our Top 10 most popular holiday items!

 #10 Can D Cane Primitive Snowman Doll (Joy, at right, sold separately)

  Can D Cane Primitive Snowman Doll

 #9 Holly Dots 60" Tree Skirt (see the full line here)

  Holly Dots Christmas Tree Skirt

 #8 Sitting Whimsy Snowman Hat Trio

Sitting Whimsy Snowman Hat Trio Set

 #7 Mr. Whipplestreet Snowman Doll

Mr. Whipplestreet Snowman Doll

 #6 Mr. Jingles Primitive Snowman Doll

 Mr. Jingles Primitive Snowman Doll

 #5 Christmas Tree Mantle Scarf/Window Valance

Christmas Tree Mantle Scarf Christmas Tree Window Valance

 #4 Country Elmer Snowman Doll

  Country Elmer Snowman Doll

 #3 Roy Snowman Tree Topper

  Roy Snowman Tree Topper

 #2 Sir Tanner Snowman Doll

Sir Tanner Snowman Doll

  #1 Dazzle Snowman Tree Topper

Dazzle Snowman Tree Topper

  Bonus item: stocking hangers! Hang all of your Christmas stockings on the mantle without having to hammer a single hole, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles.

  snowflake stocking hanger