Sunday, September 13, 2009

Country Scarecrow Dolls

Our latest addition to the Halloween Decor category are scarecrow dolls. Pictured below is a brief introduction and photo of the three new dolls added this week.

The Dorothy Scarecrow rag doll is almost 2 feet tall at 22" and includes the straw hat shown in the photo. Her hair is braided straw and she is wearing a plaid shirt under her overalls. The overalls are brown with gold stars and the cotton fabric shirt is a tan and brown check. Dorothy has a weighted bottom so she is easy to place on a doll chair, shelf or mantle.

The George Scarecrow raggedy doll makes a wonderful addition to your primitive Halloween decor collection. He is 22" tall and includes the straw hat shown in the photo. George is wearing a brown shirt with gold stars, tan striped cotton pants and a burlap bandana. George has a weighted bottom for easy placement on a chair shelf, bookcase or on the mantle.

The Marvin Scarecrow raggedy doll is 25" tall and includes the straw hat and bandana shown in the photo. Marvin is wearing a brown shirt with gold stars, tan striped cotton pants and a burlap bandana. He holds a tan plaid fabric pumpkin in his lap. Marvin has a weighted bottom for easy placement anywhere.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Halloween is Coming

Halloween is nearly upon us and I am just now getting around to sourcing new products for the occasion. Honey and Me and Harvest Scents have helped to get the new seasonal category off to a good start with nearly 20 new products in stock and more on the way.

A couple of the early favorites are the Trixie, Dixie And Flo Halloween Witch set and the Sally Pumpkin statue. The witches are smaller resin figurines about 6 inches tall and easy to ship, but the Sally Pumpkin piece is HUGE. She is made of wood and tin and stands over three feet tall. They are pictured below and the entire collection is online now in the Primitive Halloween section of the site.

More to come next week! Happy (early) Halloween ;-)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Primitive Country Accent Lamps

Introducing a whole new category of products from Primitive Home Decors - Primitive Country Accent Lamps. There are only four lamps on the site right now, but they are all in stock and ready to ship. The lamps start at $39.95 and that includes the matching lamp shade. The first four patterns in the collection are shown below. Click the link or the picture to view the details about each one.
(my personal favorite)

As always, give me a call or send an email if you have any questions.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Wreaths and Floral

As promised, here are some pictures of the other new wreaths and floral designs we added to the site during August. Just click the link to see the rest of the pieces in each pattern. ENJOY ;-)

(this pattern actually comes in two different designs. There are either plates or stars on the candle rings and picks. The wreaths have both. The plates / stars say Faith, Family, Friends)

(The little wooden signs say Live Well, Laugh Often and Love Much)

(The wreaths are heart shaped. The pattern only has wreaths - not picks, sprays or candle rings.)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Country Wreaths and Floral Decor

New this week on the Primitive Home Decor front is a whole new category of wreaths and floral decor. There are 8 new designs online now with more to come as the holiday season gets closer.

Most patterns include 2 different sizes of big full wreaths and candle rings plus matching garlands, picks and sprays. The pictures below give you a quick glimpse of the design. If you want to see all the pieces available in each design, just click on the picture to view the whole product group.

Upcoming floral designs that will be featured soon are:
  • Dusty Star Berry Wreaths and Florals
  • Faith Family Friends Wreaths and Florals
  • Live Well Wreaths and Florals
  • Heirloom Hearts Wreaths

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wreath Stands

One of the latest additions to the country decor site is wreath stands. Designed and distributed by a local Indiana designer, the wreath stands come in a variety of colors and sizes. From tabletop wreath stands to adjustable height (telescoping) wreath stands, we now have a full line-up to choose from. Each size and shape of wreath stand comes in a variety of colors and some sizes have different toppers. Single and double hook stands are available in most sizes.

Below are a few of the different designs available.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heritage Star Country Curtains

Sorry about my last post / rant. I get really frustrated with dishonest people. Those USA Wallpaper folks really upset me.
Anyway, tonight's edition of the country home decor blog post is going to cover the Heritage Star Curtain and Decor pattern from IHF. Rather than posting pictures of all the individual window treatments and matching table coverings and decor accessories, I'm going to share the group pictures and give you a link to go review the entire pattern if you're interested. ("A little birdie" told me I had too many pictures...)
The Heritage Star curtain selections are made from homespun fabrics and the Heritage Star Design is a tan cotton accented by gold and burgundy stripes. The hem continues the gold and burgundy colors in appliqued stars. A few of the most popular pieces a shown below. To view the entire pattern, visit the Heritage Star page online.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Short Rant About Getting Ripped Off

I buy and sell products online everyday. I've ordered from huge companies like Amazon and Dell and little guys running eBay stores. I have never been more disappointed in a company than I am with USA Wallpaper.
I ordered a country valance (made by Park Designs) back in March. The USA Wallpaper customer service department notified me that the item was discontinued and out of stock, but they drafted my PayPal account anyway. The customer service agent told me that she was not authorized to issue a refund, but that she would send the refund request to the accounting department and they would process the refund during following month (April).
It's now May and still no refund! I have contacted them again and the customer service department is unable to explain why the refund has not been issued. She again promised to send the refund request to their accounting and told me I was welcome to call back in a couple weeks to follow-up on it. According to the customer service agent I spoke to, there is no way that I can talk to directly to accounting to get the problem taken care of promptly. After three phone calls and numerous emails to the merchant, they have still not issued a refund for the merchandise that was never shipped. Poor, poor, poor service. I will never do business with them again. Thankfully they only stole a few dollars. If this had been a major purchase, I don’t know what I would do.

I trying to resolve my problem, I started searching online to see if anyone had come up with a good method of retrieving money from these deadbeat curtain merchants. To my dismay, I found dozens of similar complaints from customers across the USA. Some of the complaint sites are:

I tried to resolve the problem by going through PayPal at first, but they declined to participate. I filed a BBB claim mid-May, but nothing has come of it yet. BBB has the company rated as an F for whetever that's worth.

Beyond the main company name, the USA Wallpaper folks seem to have a network of different company names running various online stores. The ones I know of are:
USA Wallpaper
Decorate With Style

Monday, May 11, 2009

Country Star Curtains and Decor

The country star design is a deep wine gingham accented by the country star pattern on the tone on tone hem. Black, red and tan gingham accent the stars on the hem. The line includes a full collection of window treatments, tabletop accessories, throws and pillows. Click on the pictures or the title for pricing or to read more.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Midnight Design Country Curtains and Matching Decor

Thank you for visiting and sorry for the delay in getting this out to you. I had hoped to introduce a new pattern every week, but that just didn't happen. I will try to be more diligent in getting the rest of them out to you.

The new pattern this week is the Midnight Star design. Midnight is a marvelous combination of black, tan and red. The under layer is a small plaid pattern while the pointed layer is a subtle stripe in tan, red and black accented by an appliqued black star. This country valance is 5 star for quality and country decor appeal. All of the pieces are fully lined and the drapes and panels include matching tie-backs. A few of my favorite pieces are shown below.

Midnight Design Valance

Midnight Swags

Midnight Star Table Cloths

Midnight Design Table Runners

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Checker Berry Design Curtains and Kitchen Decor

The Checker Berry design (manufactured by IHF) is dominated by a wine and tan check cotton fabric with embroidered berry vine and wine berries. The curtain pieces are fully lined and the pattern includes accessory pieces for the kitchen, dining room and living room. A few of the most popular pieces are pictured below.

Friday, February 20, 2009

IHF Country Window Treatments and Home Decor Accessories

IHF (India Home Fashions) has introduced several new fantastic designs in their 2009 catalog. The catalog includes too many designs and pieces to introduce in a single blog post so I will be introducing them one at a time over the next few weeks. Upcoming introductions will include:
Check Berry Valances, Swags, and Aprons
Midnight Design Valances and Curtain Tiers
Country Star Window Valance, Curtain Tiers and Aprons
Heritage Star Valances and Swags
Live Love Laugh Valances, Swags, Cotton Throws and Aprons
Willow Creek Valances and Throws (coming soon)
Home Sweet Home Valances, Throws and Tiers (coming soon)