Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heritage Star Country Curtains

Sorry about my last post / rant. I get really frustrated with dishonest people. Those USA Wallpaper folks really upset me.
Anyway, tonight's edition of the country home decor blog post is going to cover the Heritage Star Curtain and Decor pattern from IHF. Rather than posting pictures of all the individual window treatments and matching table coverings and decor accessories, I'm going to share the group pictures and give you a link to go review the entire pattern if you're interested. ("A little birdie" told me I had too many pictures...)
The Heritage Star curtain selections are made from homespun fabrics and the Heritage Star Design is a tan cotton accented by gold and burgundy stripes. The hem continues the gold and burgundy colors in appliqued stars. A few of the most popular pieces a shown below. To view the entire pattern, visit the Heritage Star page online.


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