Monday, October 26, 2015

October favorites

Here's another edition of customer favorites! These are our top-selling items from the last month. And just for fun, we've included some pieces that coordinate well with each item on the list. Enjoy!

  Burlap Natural Valance - so versatile! Match it up with the Burlap Natural tiers and complete the look with a Checkerberry oval braided rug.

  32-NNN-BRLP-BN1210-VLN-Burlap-Valance_LRGVHC-BUN-00408-Burlap-Natural-36-Inch-Curtain-Tiers-LRG IHB-181-Checkerberry-Oval-Braided-Rug-LRG

  Sturbridge Wine Window Valance - We have a ton of Sturbridge Wine items and it would be a no-brainer to pair this valance with the tiers, bedding and rugs , and they would all look fantastic! But you could also consider coordinating this with a chicken wire dome pendant light to take that country farmhouse look to the next level! PKD-315-VL-K-Sturbridge-Wine-Window-Valance-LRG Chicken wire dome light

  Vintage Star Black Place Mat - We have so many black star things, we've dedicated entire blog posts to them. Coordinating items for the place mat obviously include the napkin, table runner and dish towel. But also consider the Texas Star black rectangle jute rug or one of our new black star timer taper candles.


  Saffron valance - For tans and neutrals, pair this with a cable bed scarf. To work in the sage/olive tones, pair it with a Booker plaid woven rug. The rust tones coordinate well with the rusty bucket lamp shown below!

  PKD-600-47-Saffron-Valance_LRGDAB-Booker-Plaid-Sage-LRG WTT-TLA54366RU-Large-Rusty-Bucket-Lamp-LRG

  Grandma's Quilt lined valance - This patchwork design is such a classic country look and there are so many ways to work this into your existing decor. Our primitive nesting boxes coordinate well with the tones in the valance, and the Grandma's Quilt braided chair pads really look darling in a country kitchen.

  Grandmas Quilt lined valancegrandmas potholder 8B2936-Primitive-Nesting-Boxes 439-058-Grandmas-Quilt-Braided-Chair-Pad_LRG

  What colors do you have in your house and how do you coordinate/contrast them with other decorative pieces? 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10 Halloween things that are 10% off right now

Good morning! We've just moved a ton of Halloween items to clearance and we're excited to share some with you today.  You can save 10% (or more!) on these last-minute gems, including Halloween scarecrows, primitive witch dolls, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins, Halloween cats and more -- while they last!

  Scarecrow Owl - 10% off! WTT-TDF48421-S-Scarecrow-Owl-LRG

  Large Top Hat Jinx Jack O Lantern - 10% off! HAM-F15482-Large-Tophat-Jinx-Jack-O-Lantern-Head-LRG

  Large Vintage Scarecrow Head - 10% off! HAM-F15217-Large-Vintage-Scarecrow-Head-LRG

  Upside Down Witch Hat - 10% off! WTT-HDF55407-Upside-Down-Witch-Hat-LRG

  Crow and Pumpkin Garland - 10% off! WTT-HDF55204-Crow-and-Pumpkin-Garland-LRG

  Sitting Jack O Lantern - 10% off! F753-Sitting-Jack-O-Lantern_LRG

  Tall Fabric Witch Owl - 10% off! F14414-Tall-Fabric-Witch-Owl_LRG

  Halloween Witch Cat - 10% off! F792-Halloween-Witch-Cat_LRG

  Small Witch Owl Spindle - 10% off! F1507-Small-Witch-Owl-Spindle_LRG

  Scarecrow Face - 10% off! 3802-Scarecrow-Face_LRG

Thursday, October 8, 2015

This just in! Battery powered candles

Good morning! We're back today with a new collection of darling battery-powered candles in a variety of sizes and styles.

 These timer pillar candles have a continuous setting and a timer setting, which allows the candle to shut off for six hours and come back on after 18 hours, so the candle will turn on at the same time each day! Two AG13 cell batteries included.

  Mini dripped pillar candles with timer HRS-84067-Burnt-Ivory-Mini-Dripped-Pillar-with-Timer-LRG

  Primitive drip taper with timer HRS-84062-Burnt-Burgundy-4-in-Primitive-Drip-Timer-Taper-LRG


Pillar with timer

  Taper with timer


  Ivory switch tealights


 And we have candle batteries and candle holders too! HAM-E14717-Laying-Metal-Star-Taper-Holder-LRG HRS-84020-Replacement-AG13-Batteries-LRG

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Maci, Sarah, Rodney, Kerri and Kim

We've just added a handful of new primitive dolls to our collection, and we're excited to share a few favorites with you today.











 And how about some old favorites?! These are three of our top-selling Snowman dolls...

Dazzel Snowman Tree Topper C13403-Dazzel-Tree-Topper_LRG

  Whimsy Snowman Set C11170_LRG

  Mr. Freezey

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello, October

Good morning and happy October!

We're back today with some more Halloween and fall favorites, and all of these you can find discounted and ready to ship today!

 See also: 9 fun things for fall

  Harvest blessings place mat - 29% off! 805-01-Harvest-Blessings-Placemat_LRG

  Harvest blessings napkin - 10% off! 805-02-Harvest-Blessings-Napkin_LRG

  Woodland place mat - 29% off! 811-01-Woodland-Placemat_LRG

  Woodland napkin - 29% off! 811-02-Woodland-Napkin_LRG

  Maple leaf pot holder/cookie cutter set -  29% off! 801-64-Maple-Leaf-Potholder-Cookie-Cutter-Set_LRG

  Life's a Hoot mantle scarf -  10% off! 811-50-Lifes-a-Hoot-Mantle-Scarf_LRG

  Large Thomas Scarecrow - 10% off! F14276-Large-Thomas-Scarecrow_LRG

  Witch cat head - 10% off! F14288-Witch-Cat-Head_LRG

  Witch mannequin - 10% off! F761-Witch-Mannequin_LRG

  Hooty Owl - 10% off! 3685-Hooty-Owl_LRG

 Also check out our Fall/Thanksgiving and Halloween Pinterest boards for some of the fun DIY projects and country Halloween decor trends circulating the internet!

 And for everything else, take 10% off your order using this coupon code until 10/5/15!