Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10 Halloween things that are 10% off right now

Good morning! We've just moved a ton of Halloween items to clearance and we're excited to share some with you today.  You can save 10% (or more!) on these last-minute gems, including Halloween scarecrows, primitive witch dolls, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins, Halloween cats and more -- while they last!

  Scarecrow Owl - 10% off! WTT-TDF48421-S-Scarecrow-Owl-LRG

  Large Top Hat Jinx Jack O Lantern - 10% off! HAM-F15482-Large-Tophat-Jinx-Jack-O-Lantern-Head-LRG

  Large Vintage Scarecrow Head - 10% off! HAM-F15217-Large-Vintage-Scarecrow-Head-LRG

  Upside Down Witch Hat - 10% off! WTT-HDF55407-Upside-Down-Witch-Hat-LRG

  Crow and Pumpkin Garland - 10% off! WTT-HDF55204-Crow-and-Pumpkin-Garland-LRG

  Sitting Jack O Lantern - 10% off! F753-Sitting-Jack-O-Lantern_LRG

  Tall Fabric Witch Owl - 10% off! F14414-Tall-Fabric-Witch-Owl_LRG

  Halloween Witch Cat - 10% off! F792-Halloween-Witch-Cat_LRG

  Small Witch Owl Spindle - 10% off! F1507-Small-Witch-Owl-Spindle_LRG

  Scarecrow Face - 10% off! 3802-Scarecrow-Face_LRG

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