Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday clearance treasures

We're back in the clearance section this week with a look at some darling critters who need a home for the holidays!

  Large Burlap moose - 40% off! dns-xpr13430-large-burlap-moose-lrg

  Rustic snowflake ornament with bell - 10% off! ham-c14460-medium-rustic-snowflake-with-bell-ornament-lrg

  Trees applique pillow  - 10% off! pkd-850-53-tree-applique-pillow-lrg

  Floursack mouse - 50% off! bri-ha303-floursack-mouse-lrg

  Burlap and Berries pillow - 10% off! pkd-850-54b-burlap-and-berries-pillow-lrg

  Wonderland cookie jar - 10% off! pkd-896-696-wonderland-cookie-jar-lrg

 And check out the rest of our holiday ceramics -- this year we have six collections!

  Small standing penguin - 45% off! bri-ad424-small-standing-penguin-lrg

  Sitting moose set - 44% off! bri-ad431-sitting-moose-set-lrg

  Joy Burlap snowman - 10% off! wtt-tdx49438-joy-burlap-snowman-lrg

  Large snowman trio ornament set - 46% off! c14159-large-snowman-trio-ornament-set_lrg

  Burlap wrapped moose - 40% off! dns-xpr13432-burlap-wrapped-moose-lrg

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