Friday, July 8, 2016

Introducing penny rugs

Introducing our new line of penny rugs! HSD-Home-Sweet-Home-Penny-Rug-1-LRG

 In the 1800s, starting around the time of the Civil War, thrifty homemakers would use scraps of wool or felted wool from old clothing, blankets and hats to create designs for mats or rugs. Most designs included circles and images from everyday life such as flowers, birds, and shapes such as stars and hearts.

Traditionally, these rugs were stitched using coins as templates to create circles. Thus, the name "penny" rug. Sometimes a penny was even stitched inside the mat to make it lie flat.

Penny rugs were once used as decorative coverings for beds, tables and dressers and mantles, but our penny rugs are sturdy and designed to be used as a floor covering. No pennies needed!

See the entire penny rug line here.

We currently offer five patterns in the penny rug style, from the 2'x3' size  all the way up to a stunning 8x10 area rug.

Home Sweet Home penny rug HSD-Home-Sweet-Home-Penny-Rug-LRG

Coin penny rug

  Star Patch Sampler penny rug HSD-Star-Patch-Sampler-Penny-Rug-LRG

  Star Patch Cream penny rug HSD-Star-Patch-Cream-Penny-Rug-LRG

Busy As A Bee penny rug HSD-Busy-As-A-Bee-Penny-Rug-LRG

 CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wipe off any spills quickly to prevent staining. Vacuuming without a beater brush is recommended. Lint removers are great for removing lint or dirt. This rug can be professionally dry cleaned. Designed and manufactured by Homespice Decor.

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