Monday, April 13, 2015

This just in! Canvas Handbags and Totes

They are made with re-purposed fabric to offer a stylish distressed look. No two bags look exactly alike! Click the link above each photo to see more details and pricing.

Locksmith Cross Body Bag MON-3047-Locksmith-Crossbody-Bag-LRG
Arrow Shoulder Bag

MON-3046-Arrow-Shoulder-Bag-LRG (1)

Small Flag Cross Body Bag
Lacy Canvas Tote


Barcode Cross Body Bag   MON-3002-Barcode-Crossbody-Bag-LRG  

Journey Canvas Tote     MON-3000-Journey-Canvas-Tote-LRG

Espresso Tote Bag


USA Stamped Canvas Bag MON-2054-USA-Stamped-Canvas-Bag-LRG

Live Work Create Canvas Bag   MON-1966-Live-Work-Create-Canvas-Bag-LRG

Hand Made Canvas Bag   MON-1824-Handmade-Canvas-Bag-LRG

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