Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Basic black: 5 things that go with (almost!) everything

If you've been reading this blog a while, you know that our favorite kind of posts are fun lists! It's an easy way to tell you about things you might not know we have, and to cover items for every room in the house.

Today our list is all about the color black! People don't often think of black as a basic decorating color, but it can often be used just like a neutral shade, to contrast or accent other bright colors in the room.

 From Country Living:
Depending on how you style it, black has the power to add refined sophistication or a simple country feel.
Are you a fan of this black bedroom?
Are you a fan of this black bedroom?

  Here are 5 black things that go with (almost!) everything...

  Wine bottle double candelabra set

  wine bottle stopper candelabra set

  Worthington Black wooden accent lamp

  Worthington black wooden accent lamp

  Heritage House check black table runner This sharp black pattern coordinates well with solid patterns, and even stripes! And if black's not your thing, it also comes in red and mustard.

  Heritage House check black table runner

  Star punched tin wastebasket

  Star punched tin wastebasket

  Blackstone mirror. Sharp contrasts and neutral colors. It would look great on hung above any foyer table, with a bright bouquet of fresh flowers. Blackstone mirror

  What is your go-to color for decorating? 

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