Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A cool new thing for each room of the house

We have a bunch of fresh, new items you may not have seen yet! Here's one of them for each room of the house.


Free range spoon rest


Living room

Burgundy Star woven throw


Den/Office Paddle key hook



Ninepatch Star quilted bedding



Primitive Star shower curtain



Willow and sheep decor


Monday, February 23, 2015

Kitchen window treatments {virtual mail bag}

Good morning!

We're sharing another inquiry from a customer today who asked for some tips on hanging curtains in a kitchen nook! We'll include our response, and you can weigh in too! She writes:
Hello. I have a kitchen nook with a 71 inch wide window. Would you recommend valence or fishtail swag curtains? I've had valances, but not sure if swags are made for kitchens. Also, do your country swags open up in the middle? Like could I put valances in the middle? Was wondering if they'd look good.
We have no reason to believe swags aren't made for the kitchen! We think they'd look darling in a cozy breakfast nook, and they're a great alternative to full-length drapes. Getting to the second part of the question, the fishtail swags do not come apart in the middle, but the regular swags do, and they are sold by the pair.  They are made for inserting a valance in the middle.

country kitchen swag country kitchen
mustard swag sturbridge wine fishtail swag

How have you decorated the windows in your kitchen? 

Tip for an easy bedroom makeover

A few ideas for an easy bedroom makeover!

Questions to ask before you get started...

Do you have things you want to incorporate but don't know how? Is lighting a challenge? Do you want the room to serve more than one purpose? (For example, would you like to have a space for working, reading, or exercise?)

image source:

What relationship does the paint color have with other aspects of the room? How will you take separate components and make them work together as a whole?

Getting started...

Find one meaningful piece to start you off with a theme for the rest of the room. This could be a headboard, a bedding set, a pair of bedside tables, or a sentimental piece like an antique dresser or hutch. An area rug can be used to anchor, or connect pieces of the room together.

bedroom area rug image source:

Consider gathering your smaller accessories all into one staging area instead of scattering them throughout the room.


image source:

Mirrors can often create the illusion of more space in a smaller room. Similarly, limiting the number of accessories, and instead incorporating one or two large accessories can also make a smaller space appear larger.

large couch
image source: buzzfeed

A large light source like a floor lamp, overhead track lighting, or a chandelier may eliminate the need for a bunch of smaller table lamps in the room and free up space for other accessories.

bedroom overhead lighting
image source:

Alternatively, if you have a large bedroom, a variety of light sources can help divide the room into several smaller spaces. Think beyond table lamps! Wall sconces and lanterns can make the atmosphere more rustic and cozy.

wall lanterns

 Here are some of our other home makeover blog posts...
Save instantly when you buy a bedding set! A quilt + 3 additional bedding accessories will get you 10-15% off, no coupon needed.

bedding collection

Monday, February 16, 2015

Help! My favorite pattern has been discontinued! {virtual mail bag}

Hey everyone! Today we're going to address a question a customer asked us recently in an email. She writes:
I am trying to find these curtains. Do [you] sell these?
Victorian Heart

Oof! You were just about to pull the trigger on those darling curtain tiers and window valance (made by Victorian Heart!), and now they are nowhere to be found. This does happen occasionally as our manufacturers discontinue older product lines to make way for new collections. What do you do?

No worries -- in this case, we have some recommendations!

The Sturbridge Wine collection of window treatments are a good match.

Sturbridge Wine star point valance

wine star point valance

Sturbridge Wine curtain tiers

sturbridge wine tiers

And if you're into wine (and who isn't?) you can search our site by color and see everything we offer that is likely to coordinate well with what you've already got. (And if you're not sure it's an exact match, just ask us! We're happy to go over options with you by phone or email.)

Sturbridge wine chair pad

Sturbridge wine char pad  

Sturbridge wine lamp shade  

sturbridge wine shade

The Wine Country Star braided rug is a customer favorite!

Wine Country Star Rug

And last, the Victorian Heart Company has a huge assortment of brand new collections if you're looking to start fresh. We absolutely adore the Heartland collection of quilted bedding and window treatments.

Heartland Quilt

Need help finding something? You can contact us by way of our Facebook page or email us here and ask us a question!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Friday favorites {Valentine's edition}

Happy Friday! Here are a few of our favorite things from around the internet this week...

Valentines crafts and decor on Pinterest

valentines country kitchen decor
source: Pinterest

Frozen. Still. Can't help it! Olaf is the best.


This lamp, just because. Antique oil lamps make the perfect finishing touch in a rustic country kitchen, bedroom or cozy reading nook. And it's cold out, so a cozy reading nook sounds like the best thing ever right now.

black oil lamp

This borderline genius Valentine's bouquet

valentines DIY bouquet
source: Buzzfeed

Heart-shaped things! This ruffled throw pillow is part of the Heartland quilted bedding collection and it's a customer favorite.

Heartland heart-shaped pillow

Wines to pair with chocolate on Valentine's Day.

source: New York Times


Heart-shaped things


Happy Almost Valentine's Day! As is the tradition around here, we have a few of our favorite heart-shaped things to share with you this Valentine's week.

  (Click photo to visit product page!)

  cheerful heart tissue box cover cinnamon heart shaped braided rug forged heart iron napkin ring heart shaped braided rugs Heartland quilted bedding collection Heartland ruffled family pillow split heart forged iron curtain hook Sturbridge wine embroidered heart point valance