Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Clearance Treasure Tuesday

Good morning! Time for another look into our virtual clearance aisle. We add new items to clearance all the time, here are some of our recent adds.

  Kiss The Cook chalkboard - 20% off! HAM-E14888-Kiss-the-Cook-Chalkboard-LRG

  Patriot points pillow - 10% off! And here's a look at the rest of our patriotic-themed decor. 413-53-Patriots-Point-Pillow_LRG

  Pantry braided place mat, chair pad and rug - 10-19% off! 387-435-Pantry-Braided-Oval-Rug-32x42_LRG

  10" black lampshade - 10% off!

  Thistleberry bath decor - 10-20% off! 311-620-Thistleberry-Dispenser_LRG

  Winter Buddies decor and ceramics - 10% off! 884-660-Winter-Buddies-Mugs-Set_LRG Winter Buddies Mantle Scarf

  River Falls Jacquard Dish T0wel - 40% off!

 Have a great week!